FIFA World Cup 2022FIFA World Cup 2022

After 4 years, The FIFA WorldCup 2022 will take place in the winter. Qatar will host it from November 21 through December 18, 2022. 32 teams from 5 confederations will compete.

The FIFA WorldCup 2022 will be held in the Middle Eastern region for the first time ever. Unusual Timing and climate are concerns for football players, workers, and fans. All of these factors combined to create a variety of problems related to the FIFA WorldCup 2022

According to the Director of FIFA Football Technology & Innovation Johannes Holzmuller numerous test events, such as the FIFA Club World Cup 2021 and the FIFA Arab Cup 2021, successfully tested the new technology.

The new technology (SAOT) Semi-Automatic Offside Tracking will be used in FIFA WorldCup 2022 which will be held in Qatar.

The (SAOT) Technology will help to make more accurate and quick offside decisions at the world’s biggest football tournament.

The system will detect when offside occurs using a motion sensor that will be embedded in a ball.

How (SAOT) Semi-Automatic Offside Tracking Method Works

How Offside Tracking Methods Works

According to a press release from FIFA, consist of 12 dedicated tracking cameras positioned underneath the roof of the stadium to follow the ball, and 50 times every second, up to 29 data points from each player are used to determine their precise location on the pitch. All limbs and extremities necessary for making offside calls were collected in the 29 data points.
Artificial Intelligence will quickly process the information gathered by cameras and ball sensors whether there is an offside situation.

A further essential component provided by Al Rihla’s official World Cup match for the detection of strict offside incidents is the addition of an inertial measurement unit (IMU) sensor inside the ball.

The kick point can be identified with extreme precision by this sensor, located in the center of the ball, and sends ball data to the video operation room 500 times per second.

The new technology automatically alerts the video officials inside the room whenever an attacking player was in an offside position when a player is playing the ball at the moment.

The video match officials confirm the proposed judgment before informing the on-field referee by manually examining the automatically chosen kick point and the automatically generated offside line.

This process will take only a few seconds to complete, and offside decisions can now be made more quickly and accurately.

Improvements In Technology Are a Major Change

FIFA WorldCup 2022
New Technology In FIFA World Cup 2022

Former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher express his excitement about the new technology-

I find the news to be very interesting. When you witness a significant change like this, football enters a new era and adopts a new style of play. In addition to bringing accuracy, it will also speed up everything, which is what everyone wanted.

In the Champions League and the Premier League, some particularly challenging offsides have made them take longer.

The majority of that will be eliminated, which must be a good thing. Sincerely, I believe the officials will accept it. The start point, which is when the ball is kicked, is the issue with the VAR they currently use, despite how accurate it is.

This continuously monitors the player and the ball. It immediately recognizes the exact moment the ball is played as well as the defender’s position in relation to the forward.

The time it takes to determine if there is an offside in the Premier League will now be reduced to one second. The doubt in the fans’ minds will be quickly dispelled when it is projected to them inside the stadium. It’s a significant advance.

Faster And More Precise Decisions

Chair of FIFA referees committee Pierluigi Collina:

Football has already reaped several benefits from VAR, and it is evident that the frequency of serious mistakes has drastically decreased. We anticipate that semi-automated offside technology will enable us to advance. We are aware that occasionally it takes too long to check for an offside, especially when the offside incident is very close. Semi-automated offside technology can help in this situation by providing quicker and more precise decisions.

The FIFA WorldCup 2022 will take place when and where

Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022

Due to the heat, Qatar will host the FIFA WorldCup 2022 during the winter instead of the traditional summer.

Senegal and the Netherlands square off in Group A’s opening match on Monday, November 21 at the Al Thumama Stadium. England vs. Iran will be the tournament’s second match, taking place in Al Rayyan. At the Al Bayt Stadium, the hosts Qatar will then play Ecuador.

Following Wales’ advancement via the play-offs, England will play the USA on Friday, November 25, and Wales on Tuesday, November 29, to finish Group B.

Knockout begins on Saturday 3 December, The final will be played on Sunday, December 18, a week before Christmas, at the Lusail Stadium in Doha


Qatar has concerns about its extreme weather and human rights. However, it will undoubtedly be able to conduct the championship in a professional manner and promote the growth of football. Therefore, there is no need to revisit the output of the bids. The bidding process needs to be modified. The FIFA WorldCup 2022 in Qatar is exceptional in many ways, which makes it the best chance to improve football.

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